What To Require For F4SE?

fallout 4 script extender

fallout 4 script extenderBefore you can download the game like F4SE, of course, you must check the requirement that is used in the game. You must be sure that before you install Fallout 4, your pc must have the specification that makes the pc can download the game. Many people do not read about the requirement that is needed to install Fallout 4, so they do not know if the pc cannot play the game. To help you to know the requirement need for Fallout 4, there is the minimum requirement and also recommended requirement.

Recommended Requirements For F4SE

Minimum requirement is the minimum specification that you can use to install the F4SE game, you can play the game, but in smooth way, while for recommended requirement means as the way you can download and install the game because it is compatible with your pc, and when you play the game with your pc, you can play the game in a good way, such as it can load faster and you can have better visualization of the game.

About the requirement that you need, so you can play the game free, the minimum operating system that you need is from windows 8 and windows vista, but it is recommended that you can use windows 7 edition with 64-bit of VGA. It is to make you can clearly see the image of the game and also the video of the game. To play the game clearly, you can use the laptop but it is recommended if you use PC rather than the laptop. Moreover, make sure that you have minimal 4 GB of Ram with 30 GB free hard disk space as the space to save the download file and the cache of the game. Of course, your pc must have direct X sound card to make you can hear the F4SE game sounds clear.

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