Writing Combination Printable Job Application

Besides chronological and functional formats, there is another format for printable job application which the combination format. As the name suggests, this format is the combination of chronological and functional format. This format is needed when you want to highlight your skills but at the same time, you want to highlight your work history too.

How To Write Combination Printable Job Application?

Below are the steps to write printable job application in combination format. This format can show your most relevant and important skills as well as your job history.

  • Choose the format

Since you are writing in combination format, there will be no strict guidelines. Focus on what combination that you are good at. You can choose to include your awards, skills, achievements, special qualifications, and volunteer history.


  • List your job history

When it comes to listing your job history, there are two ways. If your job history has many positions in any field, then you need to list your job history under the functional category. If you want to highlight your job history, make sure to highlight the main skills that you want to emphasize. You can list them in chronological order.


  • List educational history

This point is similar with other formats. You need to list all of your educational histories in reversed chronological order. You need to include the information for each school, college, or university that you have attended. Don’t forget to include the location. If your GPA is 3.5 or higher, you can include it in your job application as well.


  • List other information

Although you just want to highlight your skills and job history through combination format, you can include a list of other relevant information. This information can be helpful for the employer. The information is awards, skills, qualifications, or volunteer service.

That’s how you write printable job application in combination format.

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